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    Monitoring a SQL Cluster Name using SNMP

      I am trying to setup a device that points to a SQL Cluster of two nodes.  I am using SNMP to monitor the services and drive space on the cluster name.  If I scan the physical servers or nodes then I can connect and see the services using SNMP, however, if I try to scan using the 'cluster' name which points to the primary node in the cluster I cannot see any services using SNMP.


      scan server nodpr01 using SNMP (finds drives and services to monitor)
      scan server nodpr02 using SNMP (finds drives and services to monitor)

      scan DNS name clupr01 (which is pointing to primary node nodpr01) using SNMP (cannot find any drives or services)

      I tried via DNS name and IP address and does not work.  I can see everything using RPC connection, but I need to use SNMP.