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    Netflow Database Connections(TOO MANY)

      I have Orion V9.1.0 with netflow addon installed Version 9.  My problem is the amount of database connections my Netflow server executes per second.  Our database administrator is showing my netflow server connecting to its database over 300 login connections per second.  Yes 300 times a second. 

      Is there a way to change how netflow logs in?  Can it use 1 concurrent connection?  Does is login for every flow?

      Any configuration suggestions would be helpful.  I don't see any way to tweak this setting thru the gui or the orion console.


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          Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Does anyone actually track database logins?

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              Our code should be using the .NET's connection pool and shouldn't be creating all these logins.  Can you tell me by what means are you detecting this situation?  Please be specific, so I can try to reproduce it in our test environments.  We haven't seen this in our testing nor have I heard about it from any other customers. 

              Furthermore, are you using NTA 3.1?  It does a lot more caching of data and bulk inserting which should reduce the individual T-SQL batch commands sent to the SQL Server.  But still even on NTA 3.0, I don't remember any other customer seeing all these logins.



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                  Currently using NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.0.  We were having problems with the Netflow service staying active with version 3.1 so I backed it out to 3.0. 

                  We are detecting this activity thru our SQL database team.  They are providing us with this info thru their monitoring tools.

                  I was first approached by SQL database team about a massive amount of logins to the database server from our netflow server. 

                  Here is his latest Message to me"

                  "Here's the graph of logins per second for the whole month of February. As you can see, the last 24 hours has been better than the previous times your application was running, but it is still making an absurd number of connections to the database. We're seeing between 200-300 logins per second from your application. Which is better than the 400 + connections per second we were seeing before.

                  Is there anything else you can do to reduce the number of logins? Connection pooling? Re-using existing connections rather than closing and opening new sessions?"


                  ^^In his graphs I see spikes as high as 600 connections Per second.  Granted at the time we were monitoring our internet connection that creates a very high amount of flows a day.  We removed our highest traffic producing interfaces(internet) to cut down on the logins. 


                  We have a 100Gig Database that houses all of our flows.  We currently are monitoring about 93 interfaces.  I hope this gives you the information