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    Data Centre Layout Map with Varible lables



      Just getting started with customising Orion and would like to have a map layout of our datacentre with over-head view of the racks.  On each rack I'd like to have a label which shows the electircal current value that I have obtained using a universal device poller.  Is this something that is possible?  Im afraid I havent done much work with varibles, so as much pointers as possible would be appreciated.

      As another "wish-list-item" I'd ideally like to have each rack as a sort of "custom node" that is shown as "UP" if all the servers within the rack (identified by using the Location field of the sytem MIB) are UP too.  If there are any failures inside that rack, the rack should show as "DOWN".  I would then have a child map which would show the rack and its contents, therefore showing which individual node had a problem.


      Thanks in advnace


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          Sounds like something I did awhile back. Keep in mind that as long as you have a node or interface custom property that you should be able to add that label to the maps. The key is getting that data from the UnDP into the Nodes custom property. I am using a SQL job to grab the data every few minutes and push it to the node table.

          For instance if you have a server call 'ServerA' and a node custom property called 'Amps' then you should be able to add a label for that node and change the contents to ${Amps}. Do this for each node you want to display amps for.

          See if this works for you.

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            Hi, Stuart. You should be able to do all of these things with Orion now I believe.

            Use the Universal Device Poller (UnDP) to configure a poller for the current measurement. Start by browsing the Orion MIB database to see if the OID is already there, but not being polled yet. If you don't find it, then do a MIB Walk on the device being monitored to find the OID that you need to monitor. Then, go back to the UnDP and configure a new poller using that OID. Assign your new poller to any and all devices in the server racks that are appropriate.

            In Map Maker, construct a separate map for each rack, and place a node icon for each PDU in the rack. Then, create another map level with an icon for eack rack on it. This map will have drill down ability to the individual racks and each server on the rack. So, if a PDU in a rack is in warning or down, the icon for the rack will change color and the status will reflect up to the floor diagram map above.

            You should be able to edit the map tool tips pop up balloon to include your new custom poller variable. Use the following procedure:

            1.       Log into the Orion website as an administrator.


            2.       Browse to the following address:




            Where, <Orion_server> is the name of your Orion server.


            3.       Type the variables you want to use into the Custom Tool Tip Template for Nodes or the Custom Tool Tip Template for Interfaces fields. An example for a node is:




            4.       Click Submit when finished.

            There are numerous variables listed in the Orion Administrator Guide starting on page 253. You will need to insert the name of your variable.

            Let me know how this works out.