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    Name changing

      Every time I have to re-boot my server, I end up need to go into the Monitor configuation and change the exchange server name. For instance, if I'm running (like now) using the server name and reboot the server, I need to go in and reconfigure the monitor and use the IP address to my server. And then change back to the name at the next reboot.


      Comments? Answers? Suggestions? Help?


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          Are you saying that the Exchange monitor in IPM stops collecting data after reboot so you have to change the target IP/hostname to get it to start collecting again?   If so, this sounds like a bug.

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              Not sure if it's in IPM - it was the free download I got from your site. After rebooting my exchange server I need to go into the monitor configuration settings, change the name, and restart the monitor program. After that it's fine till the next reboot.