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    After Netflow 3.1 upgrade there are data gaps in Orion NPM


      Is anyone else experiencing data gaps in Orion a couple of times a day after the netflow 3.1 upgrade?  We are seeing them every night during the SQL db backup, during Orion db maint, and once or twice during the day.  We did not have these gaps before except a very occasional blip.  Our SQL server seems much more taxed in general than before the upgrade.  I have not applied the 3.1 SP yet, nor the Orion 9.1 SP4, but I did not see anything in the descriptions of the fixes that would necessarily relate to this issue.  The upgrade did not go smoothly for us, and we ended up blowing away the old unmigrated tables to get through it, and now the db is quite a bit smaller.  I thought this version was supposed to make things faster and more stable, but am not really seeing that.  Anyone else have some new data gaps?  -Debbi