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    Monitor Exchange2007 Queue ?

      Hello All,

      I would like to create a list here that will (I hope) reach the developers at Solarwinds and something will be done ASAP to already create a working monitor for the queues on exchange2007

      2 years have passed since exchange2007 is out there , I think it's loud and clear that more and more people are using it and need to monitor it's queue.

      as a paying customer of this great monitor package I think this should be a part of the monitor capability and the new version that just came out (9.0.5) should have included this.

      I have been talking to Solarwinds support for couple of times in the past months asking where are they standing with this and nothing new is happening.

      I just finished a phone call again and I still understand this request is sitting out there with no move.

      Any one else thinks this is a must ?


      Haim Chibotero

      IT Manager

      Ofer Ships Holding