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    ipMonitor 9.0.5 is now available


      New Features in this Version

      ipMonitor version 9.0.5 removes licensing limits on the number of monitors that can be added to a single ipMonitor installation.

      Note: Due to the limitations of a single ipMonitor instance, you may experience performance issues with ipMonitor systems configured with more than 5000 monitors. If you encounter performance issues, consider reducing the monitor count, deploying another ipMonitor instance, or upgrading to Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) for distributed scalability.

      Fixes in this Version

      • Bandwidth monitor default threshold values increased; Last-Value Threshold Max Traffic (in + out) = 92160 Kb/s, Short-Term Threshold Max Traffic (in + out) = 71680 Kb/s.
      • The ipmonitorsrv service will now start after a trial has expired.
      • Fixed installer issue indicating the wrong ipMonitor version number
      • Distributed Transaction Coordinator is no longer selected by default in SmartMonitor Settings
      • Drive Space Wizard now locates drives using RPC/WMI.

      Please examine the release notes to see what was fixed since 9.0:


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