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    Switch Crash Trying to Use IP SLA Monitor

      As the title says. Has anyone else had a problem that would casue the network switch to crash/reboot.

      I was trying to set up a ICMP echa operation between two 6500 switchs. One of them crashed and rebooted.

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            The problem is going to be determining if it is a problem with your 6500 or the software.

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                Well since Solorwinds support wont tell me can some one here tell me what the IP SLA Monitor puts on the switch's and router's so I can see where the conflict might have been?

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                    Please post the details of your 6500 switch.
                    What supervisor module are you using, what IOS is it running?

                    There is a Cisco netflow bug that can cause these to crash....
                    "Crash due to Netflow DDTS CSCsq75944"

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                        I just checked that bug on Cisco webpage and it says that my set up should have been safe to use it on. I will contact Cisco so they can either update the document or provide another fix. Thanks for all the help.

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                            Just to contribute...


                            I used the tool with a 6509 running VSS on IOS 12.2(17r)SX5, It certainly didnt cause my 6500's to reboot.  I setup maybe 10 echos, 2 DNS, 1 www, and 1 tcp connect.  The DNS SLAs acted a little strange where they would say it was down when it wasnt, but I am not ready as of yet to say its not something wrong with my DNS.  Here is an example of what it sets up on my switch when I create an echo and use the "show ip sla mon config"...


                            SA Agent, Infrastructure Engine-II

                            Entry number: 1
                            Owner: SW_IpSla_FreeTool_ICMP_to_DNSServer_inside
                            Type of operation to perform: echo
                            Target address/Source address: 10.x.x.x/
                            Request size (ARR data portion): 28
                            Operation timeout (milliseconds): 5000
                            Type Of Service parameters: 0x0
                            Verify data: No
                            Vrf Name:
                                Operation frequency (seconds): 300
                                Next Scheduled Start Time: Start Time already passed
                                Group Scheduled : FALSE
                                Life (seconds): Forever
                                Entry Ageout (seconds): 3600
                                Recurring (Starting Everyday): FALSE
                                Status of entry (SNMP RowStatus): Active
                            Threshold (milliseconds): 5000
                            Distribution Statistics:
                                Number of statistic hours kept: 2
                                Number of statistic distribution buckets kept: 1
                                Statistic distribution interval (milliseconds): 20
                            History Statistics:
                                Number of history Lives kept: 0
                                Number of history Buckets kept: 15
                                History Filter Type: None
                            Enhanced History:


                            I am fairly new to IP SLA, I found it odd that there wasnt anything in show conf for the SLA.  But thats probably normal....?  :)



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                      can you post your operations export (xml) so I can try in my lab and see if it is the operations that may be causing an issue.