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    Report Writer

      Dear All,

      Just need a small help, we have around 30 links which are monitored through Orion NPM. i want to write a report to generate list of locations whose utlization is contanstly below 50%.

      I have written report for list of links which are above 75% and that works fine, but when i try to generate the list of locations which are below 50% even the links which are bove 50% also get included in the same.

      Is there a way to generate list of locations only below 50%.


      Thanks & Regards

      Vinod Dhure

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          this must be a bug...

          it does the exact same when i try the same report.

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            ...i found something interesting.

            if you use SORT DESCENDING on the utilization then it will work!


            Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, Interfaces.FullName AS Full_Name, (NullIf(InPercentUtil,-2)+NullIf(OutPercentUtil,-2))/2 AS AvgXmitRecvPercentUtil
            Nodes INNER JOIN Interfaces ON (Nodes.NodeID = Interfaces.NodeID)
              ((NullIf(InPercentUtil,-2)+NullIf(OutPercentUtil,-2))/2 > 1) AND
              ((NullIf(InPercentUtil,-2)+NullIf(OutPercentUtil,-2))/2 <= 50)

             ORDER BY 3 DESC