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    Report writer  with Time Interval


      Does anyone knows how to create report that has time interval? like for example the requirements are;

      Bandwidth utilization for the last 2 months with 6 hours intervals per day?

      I am having difficulty with the 6 hours interval portion...Don't know how to generate it or should it be through SQL? (No Idea with SQL codes)


      Any Help will highly appreciated

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          You will have to edit the SQL query of a report as the summarization options are either hour or day, there is no option between

          I Believe changing Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast(DateTime as Float)*24)/24,0) in both places in queries will help you out.

          Edit - *24)/24
          To *12)/12,0 For 120 Minutes
          To *24)/24,0 For 60 Minutes
          To *48)/48,0 For 30 Minutes
          To *96)/96,0 For 15 Minutes

          these are examples I frequently need to use, so for 6 hours you will have to edit to:



          To show the SQL query of report, Click on Report > Show SQL. Copy the SQL Query and create an advanced SQL report to edit the query as per the above suggestions.