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    New to Orion Network Performance Monitor / Accuracy Questions

      I am new to Solarwinds Orion, but I have worked with many other enterprise network software systems like it.  FYI: I am running the latest version of Orion.

      I have been successful at generating many reports for a current customer I am working with.  The interface seems fairly nice and robust.  Unfortunately, I am seeing inaccuracies in the reports I am creating and/or the reports are not providing the information I am configuring them for.  Things like I configure a 7 day report and get an output with information from up to 6 months ago.  Certain types of errors are not logging the quantity I know should be there.  I have tried changing summerization and other variables and still can not get what I believe should be a proper end result.  Is this typical? 

      Are there known bugs with report generation?  If so, can someone refer me to notes and information on this?

      Also, I have been configuring custom pollers.  Most of these are really standard pollers that are not normally accessible through reporting and/or alerts.  It seems quite cumbersome to be able to create reports and alert from custom pollers.

      I benefitted from finding some information in the on-line tutorials and some on-line documentation on Thwack.  Is there any training manuals or helpful information that can help me quickly achieve getting some specific reports and alerts set up?


      Bill Ross