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    Application Performance Monitor v2.5 is now available


      We are pleased to announce the availability of Application Performance Monitor v2.5.  If you already own APM, then v2.5 is in your customer portal already.  If you don't own APM, now would be a great time to try it.


      What’s new in v2.5?

      Improved usability

      • New Application Monitor Template Assignment Wizard
      • Simplified the process for creating a new application monitor template
      • New Application Monitor Template management user interface
      • Added descriptions to templates
      • Users can now add "tags" to templates to allow organization.
      • Tags are exported and imported with templates.
      • AppBuilder has been simplified (and renamed) so that it focuses on browsing processes, services, and WMI Performance Counters
      • Application Health Overview now links to a filtered version of application status
      • Template thresholds now allow for new operators (less than, greater than, equal to)
      • Added a user interface for managing component monitors within templates and when assigned to servers, allowing users to easily assign a single component to a server without including it in a template or to easily copy components from one template to another
      • Updated layout of Edit Application and Edit Template page
      • Users can now test Application Monitors and individual Component Monitors without actually assigning them


      • Improved scalability, in terms of number of total monitors
      • Monitoring frequency is now controlled for an Application Monitor rather than the individual component monitors

      New Component Monitors

      • DNS user experience monitor
      • Download speed monitor
      • FTP User Experience Monitor
      • File change monitor
      • File existence monitor
      • File size
      • HTTP Form Login
      • Web Link Monitors
      • IMAP4 Round Trip Email
      • POP3 Round Trip Email
      • MAPI Round Trip Email

      New Built-in Application Monitor Templates

      • Active Directory
      • Apache
      • DNS User Experience
      • Download Speed Monitor
      • File Change Monitor
      • File Count Script
      • File Existence Monitor
      • File Size Monitor
      • Finger Port Monitor
      • FTP User Experience Monitor
      • Generic DNS
      • Gopher Port Monitor
      • HTTP
      • HTTP Form Login
      • IMAP4 Round Trip Email
      • IRC Port Monitor
      • LDAP Connection Monitor
      • MAPI Round Trip Email
      • POP3 Round Trip Email
      • Run 3rd Party Application
      • RWHOIS Port Monitor
      • SNPP Port Monitor
      • SQL Server 2008 Database
      • SQL Server Query