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    How to pull custom values into an Alert Action


      I had a client with Monitors that were using external addresses to access their resources.  Those addresses were being NATed or redirected to internal addresses inside the private network.  Client needed the Alerts being triggered to include the internal address of the systems.  Here's what I suggested, which might be useful in similar scenarios:

      Alert Action Tokens are designed to gather values from the failing Monitor.  Having that said, in order to gather a fictional value from the Monitor, you will need to enter the fictional value within a field that will accept such a value.  Three fields come to mind:

      1. The Monitor's name field:  You could specify the internal IP within the Monitor's name and then call %monitorname% within the Alert Action.
      2. The Monitor's "FQDN / NetBIOS / IP Address" field under  "Recovery Parameters: You could enter the internal IP here and then call it using %monitor[ui\server]% (the ui\server value corresponds to the path to the desired XML tag within the nv section of the Monitor's XML)
      3. The Monitor's Tag section: From the Device's Monitor list, select the desired Monitor, click "Edit -> Tags" and add a tag to the Monitor.  You can then call the contents of the tag using %monitortag[tagname]% (where tagname is the name of the tag you created).
      For the client, I recommended option #2 as it is the easiest and most logical solution for his specific scenario.
      Just thought this would be good to share.

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