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    NetFlow on switch

      I recently configured my 4506 switch to export netflow to orion.

      To no suprise, the comunication between Orion server and the DB, SQL on a different server, is now by far the most used banwitdth. It currently uses easly half a Gbytes per hour.

      I was wondering if I should go back to have Orion on the same machine, maybe more powerfull, as it's DB to avoid that. Or if there is anything else I can do.

      I have tried to use NetFlow Aggregation, a feature on Cisco switch, I'm not sure if it's having any effect, to start with, the trafic from the switch to the Orion server was not very big.


      Any suggestion or help would be welcome.

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          Is there a need to conserve bandwidth?  are the two machines on the same Lan with Switches?

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              Yes they are on the same LAN. And yes, there is always a need to have max bandwidth available. At peek times it may be needed.

              Basically my question is that if the DB is on the same machine as Orion, it used to struggle a bit. What if I have a really power server for it? I would save the bandwidth but I don't want Orion to be slower than it is now.




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                  Andy McBride

                  We don't recommend placing the SQL server on the same machine as Orion because it typically slows Orion and SQL. We will be doing some testing here on a really beefy server (2X 3G quad, 64GB, RAID 10 8 spindle for SQL, RAID1 for OS) to benchmark a NEtFlow appliance but that test is a few weeks. out. So for now the confuiguration is not supported.