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    Alerting on Virual Memory

      Hello we have a nalert setup for the virtual memory usage on our server. In the conditions it says:

      VolumeType is equal to Virtual Memory
      Volume Percent Used is equal to 80

      Anyway that works ok but what we can't seam to work out is the variables needed to have a email sent that says:

      Node X is using X% of Virtual Memory

      Anyone any ideas?

      Also do most people monitor the virtual or the physical memory usage?



        • Re: Alerting on Virual Memory

          Here what I use:


          Alert: ${FullName} is ${SQL:Select Round ('${VolumePercentUsed}',0) from Volumes WHERE VolumeID='${VolumeID}'} Percent Utilized

          Volume Size        ${SQL:Select round((VolumeSize / 1024 / 1024 / 1024),1) from Volumes WHERE VolumeID='${VolumeID}'} GB
          Currently Used     ${SQL:Select round((VolumeSpaceUsed / 1024 / 1024 / 1024),1) from Volumes WHERE VolumeID='${VolumeID}'} GB

          The IP address of this Node is ${Node.IP_Address}

          To view details of this volume, goto:


          This alert was triggered on ${DateTime}

          This has been sent by an automated system, DO NOT REPLY.
          Generated By: ${AlertName}


          PS - This works for disk space percentages too.