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      Pesky users keep questioning my charts - eg max/min/average bps in/out .

      I have to add to the chart legend the sampling interval - both plot interval and min/max sample period -

      It would be really helpful if these could be added to the chart in much same way that 95th percentile is .

      Save me a lot of time as not all our collections the same interval and I have to check within System Manger for each interface chart

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          You didn't indicate which version of NPM you're running but my Min/Max/Average bps chart seems to include a legend towards the top. Are you simply asking to have the sample interval added to the chart, probably next to the time period listed near the top?

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              Thanks for the reply - we're running 8.5.1 .

              I am indeed trying to add the sample / plot  period to the chart . The placement doesn't matter that much - rather the ability to justify the chart - obviously a daily plot doesn't provide the granularity of a 10 minute plot and I need to reflcet the "bursty " nature of some of our links .

              I can edit the chart and provide sampling via subtitles , but I'm looking for a scalable option .