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    Custom view for a user

      Is it possible in ipMonitor to create a user and that user view only certain devices?  I come from the Orion world where I can create an account and limit that account to only view devices I select.  Not sure if that can also be done in ipMontor

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          You can't do this natively in ipMonitor.  However..

          There was a way with ipMonitor8, with an custom application called "Multi-Status View" (http://support.ipmonitor.com/tutorials/0ffce8a8ee2c404a8c023b1e638a9ae5.aspx)  and it worked great. It basically created another website, and you just entered your IPM credentials and chose the monitors you wanted to display.

          However, with ipMonitor9, it doesn't work anymore, the SOAP interface probably changed a bit, and now while the groups get recongnized, the monitors do not.

          If someone from Solarwinds could look into making "Multi-Status View" for v9, it would be fantastic!

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              This looks pretty slick!  Any chance of getting this updated for the next version of ip monitor?

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                  We'll consider it, but the chances of this making the next release are unlikely.   

                  I'm curious bheinrich, if you already have Orion, what are you using ipMonitor for?

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                      Any possibility of having the source code of that custom application, along with the SOAP documentation?

                      I'm fairly certain that the modifications needed to make it work are minor.  It seems related to the device->monitor relationship that was introduced in v9.

                      I even see the monitors in the inital setup in the Multi-view config utility.

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                        Main reason we're using ipMonitor is for its ability to monitor windows services.  Orion has it's application monitor addin, but it seemed administrative heavy and rather expensive compared to ipMonitor.  I wish Orion could monitor windows services as slick as ipMonitor, but until then we'll use them both.  Unless there's something I'm missing...but that's our main reason.