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    Cannot Start TFTP server on port 69

      I am having a problem starting the TFTP server. Each time I try I get an error saying that there is already a tftp server running on port 69. I have been unable to find anything else running.

      I saw an earlier post on this, but no solution has been offered. Does anyone have an answer for this issue. The OS is WinXP SP3. I have used the server before without the problem. I have tried turning off the anti-virus (Kaspersky) but that did not resolve the issue.

      Thanks for all help - John

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          Try running netstat -abo at the command line - check for any other processes listening on port 69 here.

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            A Forum search on the string "TFTP and 69" led me to this thread due to schedule configuration download failures.

            Possible solutions if using NCM and TFTP server is running under local user context:

            1.  set auto-close feature on TFTP-server app shipped with Orion NCM to 5 minutes.  This may prevent the tftp-server from staying active by a previously logged on (local or remote) user, and allow NCM to invoke the application during scheduled download/uploads.

            2. download the free TFTP server from solarwinds and install it on the NCM server.  This TFTP server can run as a service.  You want it to run as "local system" so multiple users and the scheduled downloads can utilize it.

            hope this helps.