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    Trial version of NTA 3.1

    Erick D

      Years ago I installed a version of NetFlow analyzer and never followed thru with a purchase.  My Sup's are now interested in seeing what NTA can provide for us and would like for me to install on our Orion 9.1 system for them to evaluate potential purchase.  The old version was uninstalled and when installing the newest trial i get the following error.  Contacted support and they were able to remove the table from the DB and reran the install with the same errors. Customer support recommended I contact my sales team to try to get a temporary copy of NTA 3.0 to upgrade what ever is in the DB.  What was given to me was a full version of 3.1 with an 8 day key which did not work so it has also been uninstalled. 

      Any help in getting this installed would be greatly appreciated.