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    In between Basic and Advanced Alert

      I have an issue where the Basic Alert alerts too much and the Advanced alert doesn't alert at all for the "Node is down" alert. 

      Here is the scenario.  I have a port on a Cisco router that is dropping packets.  I need to know that it has issues without getting constantly sent alert.

      Using the basic alerts with the alert trigger for Down and reset for Up, I get an email every five or ten minutes saying it is down then it is back up.  This is too much.  I know it is an issue, it will get fixed soon.... stop alerting me...  jeeez.

      Using Advanced alerts that say alert me when Node status equals Down and set to trigger immediately, I don't get any alerts at all.  This is not good.

      I need something in between.  I need an alert every hour or two that says this node keeps bouncing up and down.  Can I do that?