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    How to get totals in a report instead of averages?


      We monitor our APC-PDUs for power consumption using snmp. We have created a smart group where all the "power" monitors are collected. Then we created a report based on this smart group to show the last results vs. the 1 month (average) for each PDU.

      This all works well but at the end of the report in the last row it says Totals/Avgs and displays only the averages of all data sources. We have searched through the report properties many times but there seems to be no option to change this pehavior. We would like to see the total for all data sources (the sum of all current values under the current value column and the sum of all 1 month averages under the 1 month column) because this is what we get charged for ;-).

      Any idea how to do that? May be there is a hidden "Global Behavior Modifier" to accomplish this task