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    Server Specs for Orion




      Hi All,

      I am currently running the following 2 servers for Orion:

      Orion NPM / NCM and APM (3200 elements monitored just now increasing to around 6000)

      HP DL380

      Intel Xeon 3.40GHz Dual Core

      3GB Ram

      Raid 1 10K Ultra 3 Drives

      SQL BackEnd

      Dell 2650

      2x Intel Xeon 2.40GHz Dual core 

      3GB Ram

      Attached to a D178 SAN Array via 2GB Fibre HBA

      I have the opportunity to upgrade one of the servers to a

      HP DL380 G5

      2x Intel Xeon E5420 2.50GHz Quad Core 12MB

      10GB GB RAM

      2 x HP HDD/72GB 15K rpm Hot Plug SAS 2.5 Dual Port Hard Drive


      My Question is should I upgrade the front-end box or the backend database server?

      I am thinking the front end as I think if we continue to add mode devices to Solarwinds the biggest performance hit will be felt by the poller.

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          Honestly your DB does most of the work.  I've not seen out Pollers or main Orion box use hardly any resources and we have 10,000 elements on each.  If I was in your situation I would upgrade the DB all they way!

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              Are you running a 32 or 64 bit version of Orion and what modules are you running? Interestingly enough, we are running a 32 bit version of Orion on an HP DL 585 with 16 GB of RAM with PAE active and are only seeing around 4 GB utilized.  While we don't have all the modules completely configured, I'd also recommend putting the horsepower into your database server.


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                  Database server for sure. Your poller looks to be fine for whatever you throw at it.

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                    Hi Rob,

                    I am quite interested in your Orion Server setup you mentioned that handles multiple Orion Applications on the same box.

                    As said, your Orion Server is an HP DL 585 with 16 GB of RAM with PAE active.

                    Can we share details about your SQL Server for:

                    - Processors number / type /speed

                    - SQL Database / Log : how they are stored / spread ? Are you usning SAS disks ? 10 or 15K RPM disks ? how many ? RAID ?  or are using SAN storage instead

                    - if SAN storage, then FC (Fiber Channel) or Directly (DAS). What FC speed, throughput ?

                    Thank you