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    Format text in the Custom Property memo field    i.e a line break


      Hi folks.

      I am trying to create more detailed alert messages for our engineers. Currently they receive emails generated by the advanced alerting.

      What I would like to be able to do is add detail in a custom property that explains the role of the node and another property field with the steps they need to do in order to resolve.  These steps are on a node by node basis and I do not want to create an advanced alert for each message.

      I have added a custom property field with property type "memo" which allows me to input a lot of text data but the problem is the formatting.  When it is inserted into the message it is in one line which looks very cluttered and hard to read the step by step points. 

      Is there any way of formatting this text, or entering a line break in the custom property field?  Or any other method anyone has used to insert step by step procedures on a per node basis into alert messages?