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    Scheduled NetFlow Reports?


      Has anyone been able to do this? I want to be able to either schedule a NetFlow Report for the past 24 hours (https://server/Orion/TrafficAnalysis/NetflowNodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=NN:221;T:Last%2024%20Hours) where it shows the graphs


      be able to send a report that combines similar functions (top 10 conversations, top 10 applications, etc.

      Currently when I click on a report like "Top 50 Receivers - Last 24 hours" the Orion site times out.


      (Using NTA 3.1)

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          I would also like to be able to do this. So far I've had to use address group filters to be able to get a report accessible via the website.

          Scheduling graph reports would be ideal.

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            Mark Roberts

            Have you had a problem using the Report Scheduler tool which is an application that runs on the Orion server?

            With this tool you can schedule a report to be emailed at a set time, selecting whichever page you wish to use as the content.

            Therefore using the above link is straightforward and to get the Top 10 type report, simply create a new page view, populate it with the resources you wish to show out. You dont even need to add this as a menu item, you can just create it and put the view  name in the querystring:


            If the page cannot be built in the timeout period for the Report Scheduler, either remove some resources or limit the number returned in each resource (or improve SQL server spec ofcourse...)

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                The solution is a real SQL query, not limiting the data you want to report on.

                The problem is that the scheduled reports load web pages. Data can be gotten via other means, but it would be nice if these didn't act by displaying web pages that will timeout if given too much data.