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    User Access Limitation


      Hi Teams,

      Just an fyi for those asking...

      - Is there a limit on how many users can access the web using one username and password? If there is none, can we set the limit? How many users can use the admin (username) simultaneously?
      - Is there a way to determine the number of hits or views on a certain page on solarwinds?

      As per solarwinds support engr:

      Currently no limitation exist and no way to set one.
      The only limitations within the website are what an account can view.

      Also, no built in tools to record how many hits or views to the website, you would need to use other tools to monitor how many times the website is accessed.

      Anyone who has an idea on what "other tools" should be used?

      Can we request features like this to solarwinds on their next patches or versions?




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          Anyone who has an idea on what "other tools" should be used?


          I just find a WMI Performance Counter that would list you information about the Orion web console:


          CurrentConnections: Current number of connections established with the Web service.

          MaximumConnections: Maximum number of simultaneous connections established with the Web service.


          If you have APM, you can then create some WMI Performance Counters monitors and trigger an alert if the current or maximum connection value goes above a specific threshold.

          The above class has an instance for each web site installed on an IIS server.