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    Test Failed.


      I get the following error when I put in the RW SNMP.  "Test Failed. Specified SNMP community string is read-only."

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          We are looking into this and it seems to work with the same config on a different switch.  I might need to read up on IP SLA.  Is it IOS specific?  But I'm not sure why the tool would say the string is read-only.

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            I'm having the same issue, we are using a 3825.

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                Andy McBride

                Hi All,

                Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into this issue now.


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                    Here is what is happening behind the scene when you click on test credentials

                    1. We ping the ipaddress to verify that we can contact the node specified. If this fails you would get the following message

                          Could not reach {IP}

                    2. Next we get the Sys_Name( SNMP value using the community string that was specified. If that fails you would get

                          Specified SNMP community string is invalid for {IP}

                    3. After that we try to configure the operation you specified on the router and then immediately remove it. This allows us to test that the community string is writeable. If that fails you would get the following error

                         Specified SNMP community string is read-only.

                    So in this case it sounds like there is a problem when we get to step 3. To diagnose this better, one thing that would help us is to get a packet capture for the SNMP operations that are taking place. Would anyone be able to provide us a packet capture?

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                  Some devices, like the ws-c2960 do not support the IP SLA commands, and the rtr command has limited functionality (responder only)

                  On a ws-c3750 that also does not support IP SLA commands, the rtr commands have all the functionality and on this device it works.


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                  Hans Hinnekint