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    SolarWinds IP SLA Monitor is here!!

    Andy McBride

      Again you asked for it - and again SolarWinds delivered it! The SolarWinds IP SLA Monitor free tool is available today.


      IP SLA Monitor enables IP SLA on Cisco routers and switches, configures the path-specific operation details, and displays the resulting real-time performance data in an easy-to-read dashboard. IP SLA Monitor’s intuitive interface allows you to easily monitor common IP SLA operations, including UDP echo, ICMP path echo (ping), TCP connect, DNS resolution, and HTTP.


      Check out how IP SLA Monitor lets you export a Universal Device Poller (UnDP) to track your IP SLA operations 24X7 in Orion.


      As with all free tools, support is accomplished here in the Free Tool Thwack forum. Feel free to post any question, comments etc you have about the latest free tool.


      The tool can be found here