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    Automate reort without all the links and info

      I am trying to create an automated report to send out to our managemet team. The problem I am running into is that the report that is generated has some links to Modules, Printable Version, Account Logout, and Views. The problem with all the links are the group that is receiving the email does not have access to the Orion web interface. It is also attaching a bunch of .css and .ico files to the email as well.

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          The Printable Version of the report should not display the menu bar and unwanted icons.

          Edit your Report Job in Orion Report Scheduler.

          Click on the Web Pages tab. Edit the Web Page.

          In the Orion Web Login tab, select the "Retrieve a Printable Version of this Page" checkbox.

          Click on Ok.

          Try to generate manually the job and you should be good to go.