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    creating web based SSH server

      does someone has a configuration of building a web based SSH server .

      I want to make my own ssh server which will log all the input and outout and create files as per the devices logged in .

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          Hi Rajiv,

          Could you detail a little bit more what you are trying to achieve?

          If you need to build a SSH server, you can give a try to OpenSSH: http://www.openssh.com/

          Do you need to gather logging information from all your devices? If this is the case, did you have a look at the Syslog features of your devices?

          Thanks in advance for the additional details,


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              HI Yann


              1. I want an SSH server so that i can initiate an ssh session right from the NPM site. If someone have done this setup of SSH server than please help me too.

              2. I want to log all the activites on this SSH server as we use the logging feature of putty to capture all output logs .

              Tacacs is already doing the accounting for me and syslog is also there .