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    NetFlow definitions?


      In NTA, what is the difference between a transmitter, receiver and an endpoint?

      Can any of these be either internal or external to your network?

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          Transmitter = endpoint that is a source of traffic

          Receiver = endpoint that is a recipient of traffic


          For example, as I understand it, if you had a user on the solarwinds.com domain and they were streaming from itunes.com, their box, with its assigned IP, would be a receiving endpoint, or receiver. Likewise, if they were podcasting from their cube, their box would be a transmitting endpoint. It is also possible that any given routing device could be considered as both a transmitter and a receiver, as it both receives and transmits traffic.


          Of course it depends on how you've configured NTA and your network, but yes, it is a very common scenario for them to either internal or external to your network.