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    Perplexed with 3.1 data


      Granted I am still wrapping my hands around NetFlow and what it can and can't do but need some expert explanation for this.

      Running NetFlow 3.1 on an Orion 9 SP3

      Monitoring a Cisco 7507 on 4 ports

      When I expand the NetFlow Soruces I see the 4 interfaces. For instance

      Interface                   Traffic In             Traffic Out
        Int 1                         1.31Mbps             2.14Mbps
        Int 2                         4.84Mbps             2.36Mbps
        Int 3                         2.5Mbps               8.76Mbps

      When I click on the first Interface I see the left side range up to 16Mb. Kind of what I expect.

      When I click on the second interface I see the left side range up to 400 B. Not what I expect since the traffic in out was 4.84/2.36 respectively.

      Thoughts, ideas????