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    BITS syntax (bit string) not read


      we want to poll a variable defined as follows:

      StedHvLineAlarms ::= BITS {

      poHvLineAlarms OBJECT-TYPE
        SYNTAX      StedHvLineAlarms
        MAX-ACCESS    read-only
        STATUS        current
          "Line Alarms"
       DEFVAL { '0'b }
      ::= { portHvEntry 18 }

      we want to track the bit 0 of this variable:
      * if the bit is '0' we have no alarms
      * if the bit is '1' we have the alarm and we wand to trigger am action

      we defined a Universal device poller as in picture
      orion_def_poller.png and when testing we get
      the shot in picture orion_test.png
      we have the same behaviour using both SNMPv2 and SNMPv1
      and trying various syntaxes (Text, None, Enumeration,
      True/False, False/True).

      We defined sted_lab_xx as 10.13.0.xx, so we have sted_lab_17 = and so on.
      Node 17 is defined as SNMPv1, all others as SNMPv2.
      Sniffing with ethereal, we have seen data as depicted in
      snap_ethereal_v1.png (node 17) and snap_ethereal_v2_ko.png (node 57).

      If the link has the 'oos' bit on (snap_ethereal_v2_ok.png), like in station (node 18), the test is OK (even if the returned value is a 'r',
      probably due to a wrong decode of the value).