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    How to have monitor trigger server shutdown?




      Hi, we are running IPMonitor 9.  It is able to track the temperature of my Dell PowerEdge servers.  What I would like to do is set up an action, so that along with being alerted, if the temperature reaches a certain point, the servers would shut down.


      Is this possible with IPMon and how would I go about doing this?


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          Hello Ccovey,

          You can do it one of two ways.

          1. Have ipMonitor reboot the system if its temperature has exceeded a certain threshold for more than a certain number of tests/failures.  In order to accomplish this, simply open the Alert which is already associated with the Monitor and add a Reboot Server Action.  Set the Alert Range as needed.  For instance, if you want it to reboot the server after 15 minutes of exceeded temperatures and the Monitor is set with the default timing values of 300 all around and "Accumulated Failures per Alert" of 3, you would set the Alert Range at 1.  You can use the DownTime Simulator feature to see when the Action gets Triggered.

          2. Have ipMonitor reboot the system immediately if an extreme temperature has been reached.  For this, you would need a second Temperature Monitor with a higher threshold and a second Alert with the Reboot Server Action.  The difference is the 2nd Monitor woul be set with an "Accumuated Failures per Alert" of 1.

          In the second scenario, if the first Temperature Monitor fails, it will send you an email.  If the second Temperature Monitors fails, it reboots the server.

          NOTE: In order for the Reboot Server Action to work, the Monitor's "Recovery Parameters" section must be populated with the Name/IP address of the system to reboot and Credential to use in order to reboot the system.

          If you need clarification on any of this, get back to me.


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