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    Analysing Netflow Traffic

      Hi All

      I need some help understanding the netflow analyser. I have configured netflow on a few of our cisco devices and it collects traffic info from these interfaces ,the only issue is that the info doesn't seem to tally. For instance I have configured netflow on some of the interfaces on our VSS (virtual Switching System) which runs on a cisco WS-C6509-E chasis. On one of these interfaces I have a 100mbps point to point link that connects to the one of the its 1GB interface. Every now and then on the orion web interface we see the percent utilization spike up usually above 95% (on the transmit or Recieve bar), but the issue is that when i go into Netflow it shows me a total traffic of about 0.34 (55%) for corplan and 0.24MB (45%)for Mcast and most times the values don't differ from when the link on the web interface is reporting less than 50%. I have a feeling that it might be that we have something configured wrongly somewhere. Can someone please advise.