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    NetFlow on Cisco 2610 Router

      We have two remote buildings each with a Cisco 2610 Router and a Catalyst 3548-XL Switch. Our pipe into our Qwest cloud gets clogged and being able to use the NetFlow Traffic Analyser sounds wonderful. At this point we can only guess whether our problem is with our Terminal Server operation, our mail system, surfing and/or god knows what.

      Is it possible to enable NetFlow on the 2610 (I read it's impossible on the switch)?

      If so, then I wonder 1) does one cable directly to the 2610 or is it done via IP from a server, 2) how to enable, 3) etc. An outline of the procedure would be great. I have done a lot of frustrating reading ;).

      If NetFlow on the 2610 is not possible... then what other options do we have.

      Thank you, Alan

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          We are now trying to configure NetFlow on our Cisco 2610 router version 12.2. We have tried to follow

          Geek Shorts: How to Configure NetFlow

          and typed in the following:

          ip flow-export source fastethernet0/0

          ip flow-export version 5

          ip flow-export destination 2055

          interface fastethernet0/0

          ip flow egress

          ip flow ingress

          ip route-cache flow

          Turns out the two commands error at "fastethernet0/0" and two other commands error at "egress" and "ingress". I am not remembering if the "ip route-cache flow" errored.

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          Thanks, Alan

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              I have configured Netflow on a Cisco 2610 and also found that ip flow commands are not supported.

              interface FastEthernet0/0
              ip route-cache flow

              My solution was to apply ip route-cache flow to both the FastEthernet interface and the other interface the traffic is flowing through so in my case i collect ip route-cache data on both the fast ethernet lan interface and the serial wan interface. This mean that transmitted data and recieved data is collected as i foudn with it only enable on one interface i only collected receive data.

              If you are getting errors on fastethernet0/0 then you should probably check the interfaces on the 2610 using show ip int to check the interfaces.

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                  Thank you Nath. Turns out my interface is "ethernet0/0" and the second one you speak of must be the "ATM0/0".Therefore based on what you said I would use these commands for the first interface:

                  ip flow-export source ethernet0/0

                  ip flow-export version 5

                  ip flow-export destination 2055

                  interface ethernet0/0

                  ip route-cache flow

                  But then do I repeat all of these commands for the second "ATM0/0" interface? I am VERY novice ;).

                  Thanks again, Alan