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    How can we set the default properties for basic monitors?



      We have just purchased ipMonitor and are getting to grips with it.

      I would like to know if it is possible to set the default properties for various monitors, for example i am trying to set the BANDWIDTH Monitor to default to having a 'Last Value Max' threshold of 10000, and have the 'Short-term Max' threshold of 1000?

      How can we achieve this so when we add new nodes the monitors will have the properties we want by default.

      I have set all I can in 'Configuration', 'System Settings'.

      Thank you.

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          Great Question....

          Ok,  there are some basic settings that you probably already discovered located at the very bottom of the page when you went to the "Configuration" Tab > "System Settings".  These settings are called "Optional Defaults".   You can use these optional defaults to set common monitor parameters,  things like timing etc...  Please note that making changes to these optional defaults will only affect monitors added from that point forward but it will NOT change any monitors already active on your system.

          The kind of changes you are talking about must be made using "MASS Edit"  To access the MASS edit utility do the following...

          1.) Click on "Devices" Tab

          2.) Click on "All Managed Devices"

          3.) Click on "Edit" > "MASS Edit" > Monitor Properties

          4.) Use this Utility to establish the filters to specify which monitors will be affected,  then using the "Change Rules" describe what values will be changed and what they are to be changed to.

          If you need additional assistance with this,  please contact technical support and one of our support staff will be happy to assist you.