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    Orion Server Memory & CPU Utilization


      I have an HP DL 585 with 16Gb of RAM running Windows 2003 Enterprise.  We continue to have performance issues (slow website) with this machine and while troubleshooting the issue I noticed a couple things that I'm wondering if anyone else has come across.

      1.  The syslog service is pegging my CPU utilization to 98% consistently and

      2.  The Memory committed never goes above 4Gb

      Is anyone else experiencing the problem with the syslog service?  How did you resolve it?  Is it normal for no more than 4Gb of memory to be used on a server that has more?  On this particular server I have NPM, NCM, APM Demo, Netflow Demo & VOIP Demo loaded but no more than 4Gb is used.

      Thanks in advance for the help.