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    1710 not picked up by NPM

      I have a 1710 on my network that is seen by network performance monitor and pingable by it, but that it doesn't detect any interfaces or statistics on (otehr than ping time and up down).  I'm also relatively new to the tool, so I'm betting there is some simple solution to this problem.  I have the correct SNMP string in the router and the application and when I "test" the SNMP string the app. tells me it is correct.  I need to get more detail out of theis box is it so old that SW doesn't support it out of the box?

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          Did you try to list the resources of that equipment in System Manager?

          Open System Manager (Start > All Programs > Solarwinds Orion > System Manager)

          Right-Click on your device and select List Resources.

          Do you see the interfaces listed as well as other resources? If yes, then select them as well as the Traffic and/or Error statistics poller if needed.

          If not, then I would advise you to run a MIB walk on the IF-MIB:interfaces (OID = to ensure your 1710 supports this standard MIB used by Orion.

          I explained Re: Question:  Monitoring volumes on a NetApp SAN.... how to Walk a MIB.

          If you get no results for that MIB, check the doc of your equipment to know if this is possible to enable its support.