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    Native out of band support


      Just a thought. The basic idea would be to integrate the out of band dialing functionality into Orion. Currently this capability is being provided by a 30$ add on that well.. not only leaves a bit to be desired.. but it doesn’t even run as a service.

      Aside from the expected out of band capability you could also build a contact page that would allow you to send pages or text messages from the portal.

      Out of band dialing is critical in an enterprise where you cant afford a message to not go out because a mail gateway is down or a interuption in internet service.

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          I second the motion! I too am looking for this functionality.


          SLXer - what is the $30 addon that you are yusing to accomplish this today?

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              Solarwinds allows integration with a 3rd party product you can purchase here.


              Once configured the product will integrate with Orion and allow you to send out of band pages. This functionality should be part of Orion. I wont go on a rant but I see this as something that has been sorely overlooked by Solarwinds.

              Please keep in mind the following.. this 3rd party software is not a service.. it is an application that lives in a session.. If you log off.. oh im sorry nor more pagey.

              *note: You can manually turn this application into a service.. but it can have unpredictable results.. I would say about 90% of the time it works ok. The main issue is once configured as a service sometimes you cannot access the gui to make changes.. its quirky. Hence the need for some personal attention from the folks at Solarwinds.