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    SQL 2005 x64 Service Pack

      We're trying to migrate our current database residing on a Win2003 Server x86 / SQL2005 Standard x86 to a Win2003 Server x64 / SQL2005 Standard x64.  The database size is ~ 14GB.  Migration appeared successful however, roughly 6 hours later, SQL drops connection from the pollers and events #17887 are logged.  Researching the error indicate that this is a problem under 64-bit where SQL's buffer pool grew beyond physical memory (our server has 4GB RAM).  The issue appeared to be corrected with SQL 2005 SP2.

      So the question is, what SP level is supported or recommended for NPM 9.1 SP3? We've searched thwack and SW docs without success.  Or does NPM care about SP on SQL? Can we install the latest SQL service pack?