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    Is NetFlow 3.1 Application Passive or Active???


      I opened up an Urgent ticket (#78956) this morning regarding an issue I am experiencing (still no reply from support) with NetFlow 3.1.

      For some unknown reason one of our Orion 9.1 SP3 server's NetFlow 3.1 service is trying to do an UDP 137 sweep of all IPs on all root networks and driving our firewall guys crazy.

      I had to shut down the NetFlow service on this server which stopped the UDP 137 scan. (If I restart the service it starts the scan again where it left off). No, we do not have Engineers Toolset.

      I have the same applicatons and OS installed on other Orion servers (all at same patch release) and they aren't doing this.

      I thought that the NetFlow application was a passive application - not active.

      Is anyone else seeing something like this?