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    Alerting on configuration changes for Cisco Switches and Routers

      The main reason we purchased Kiwi Syslog Server for one our clients is to alert on configuration changes on their Cisco 2900 and 3500 series switches as well as their Cisco 2800 series routers. I am having difficulty configuring Syslog Server to alert on changes.  I know Syslog server has the capability, but I must not be configuring something correctly.  We have the licensed version 8.3 of Syslog Server up and running.  I'm attempting to configure one Cisco 2950 running IOS 12.1 (I know it needs to be upgraded).  I was referencing page 9-10 of http://www.sans.org/reading_room/whitepapers/logging/effective_logging_use_of_the_kiwi_syslog_utility_201.  I know this is an older version of Syslog server so maybe I'm not configuring somethign correctly.

      Any help would be much appreciated.