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    NetFlow 3.1 creating additional DB's...


      Upgraded to NetFlow 3.1 .. additional databases are created:

      netperfmon_FG1  102  MB

      netperfmon_FG2  102  MB

      netperfmon_FG3  102  MB

      netperfmon_FG4  51  MB

      Can anyone tell me why besides "to improve speed and reliability" ?

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          I think they broke it up to load graphs faters. 

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              The FG1 stores the FlowCorrelation Pre/Post table

              FG2 - SearchBy Tables

              FG3 - Summary 1,2,3 Tables

              FG4 - Details tables



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                  By dividing the database in filegroups, it allows SQL Server a lot more freedom in how it grows these different files.  It also gives customers who are seeking to improve their performance further, the ability to move these filegroups on different diskdrives.  Finally, one customer request that we've seen, is for all there NetFlow data to be located in another database.  Although, we decided not to move it into another database at this point in time, we tried to accomidate part of their request, by using filegroups.  They then can store their netflow database on another disk.



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                      Thanks that does help!  So should everything have moved to the new filegroups because my old primary filegroup still has tables in it.  Are these no longer needed or should they be relocated to one of the new filegroups?  Here is a listing of some (not all) the tables and their filegroups.


                      table_name                                              filegroup


                      FlowCorrelationPostDNS                                  FG1

                      FlowCorrelationPreDNS                                   FG1

                      NetFlowEndpoints                                        FG1

                      NetFlowSearchByAddress                                  FG2

                      NetFlowAddressToResolve                                 FG3

                      NetFlowSummary1                                         FG3

                      NetFlowSummary2                                         FG3

                      NetFlowSummary3                                         FG3

                      NetFlowDetail_1049_1373337                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1049_1373338                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1049_1373339                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1049_1373340                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1049_1373341                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_13_1373337                                FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_13_1373338                                FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_13_1373339                                FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_13_1373340                                FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_13_1373341                                FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1459_1373337                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1459_1373338                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1459_1373339                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1459_1373340                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1459_1373341                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1486_1373337                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1486_1373338                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1486_1373339                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1486_1373340                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_1486_1373341                              FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_406_1373337                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_406_1373338                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_406_1373339                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_406_1373340                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_406_1373341                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_407_1373337                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_893_1373339                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_893_1373340                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_893_1373341                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_918_1373337                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_918_1373338                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_918_1373339                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_918_1373340                               FG4

                      NetFlowDetail_918_1373341                               FG4

                      Accounts                                                PRIMARY

                      ActionDefinitions                                       PRIMARY

                      ActiveAlerts                                            PRIMARY

                      AlertActions                                            PRIMARY

                      AlertDefinitions                                        PRIMARY

                      AlertLog                                                PRIMARY

                      Alerts                                                  PRIMARY

                      AlertStatus                                             PRIMARY

                      AlertSuppression                                        PRIMARY

                      AlertTestLog                                            PRIMARY

                      AlertTests                                              PRIMARY

                      AlertTriggerMap                                         PRIMARY

                      AlertValueChanges                                       PRIMARY

                      APM_Application                                         PRIMARY

                      APM_ApplicationStatus_Daily                             PRIMARY

                      APM_ApplicationStatus_Detail                            PRIMARY

                      APM_ApplicationStatus_Hourly                            PRIMARY

                      APM_ApplicationsToDelete                                PRIMARY

                      APM_ApplicationTemplate                                 PRIMARY

                      APM_BusinessLayer                                       PRIMARY

                      APM_Component                                           PRIMARY

                      APM_ComponentDataToDelete                               PRIMARY

                      APM_ComponentDefinition                                 PRIMARY

                      APM_ComponentDefinitionCategory                         PRIMARY

                      APM_ComponentDefinitionCategoryMembership               PRIMARY

                      APM_ComponentDefinitionSetting                          PRIMARY

                      APM_EventType                                           PRIMARY

                      APM_ExternalSetting                                     PRIMARY

                      APM_PortEvidence_Daily                                  PRIMARY

                      APM_PortEvidence_Detail                                 PRIMARY

                      APM_PortEvidence_Hourly                                 PRIMARY

                      APM_ProcessEvidence_Daily                               PRIMARY

                      APM_ProcessEvidence_Detail                              PRIMARY

                      APM_ProcessEvidence_Hourly                              PRIMARY

                      APM_ResourceEvidence_Daily                              PRIMARY

                      APM_ResourceEvidence_Detail                             PRIMARY

                      APM_ResourceEvidence_Hourly                             PRIMARY

                      APM_Threshold                                           PRIMARY

                      Applications                                            PRIMARY

                      ApplicationStatistics                                   PRIMARY

                      CiscoBuffers_Daily                                      PRIMARY

                      CiscoBuffers_Detail                                     PRIMARY

                      CiscoBuffers_Hourly                                     PRIMARY

                      ConstituentPorts                                        PRIMARY

                      CPULoad_Daily                                           PRIMARY

                      CPULoad_Detail                                          PRIMARY

                      CPULoad_Hourly                                          PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerAssignment                                  PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerEnums                                       PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerLabels                                      PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerParsers                                     PRIMARY

                      CustomPollers                                           PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerScratchStatistics                           PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerStatistics_Daily                            PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerStatistics_Detail                           PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerStatistics_Hourly                           PRIMARY

                      CustomPollerStatus                                      PRIMARY

                      DefaultServicePorts                                     PRIMARY

                      DeletedCustomPollers                                    PRIMARY

                      DeletedInterfaces                                       PRIMARY

                      DeletedNodes                                            PRIMARY

                      DeletedVolumes                                          PRIMARY

                      dtproperties                                            PRIMARY

                      Engines                                                 PRIMARY

                      Events                                                  PRIMARY

                      EventTypes                                              PRIMARY

                      ExternalWebsites                                        PRIMARY

                      FlowAnalysis                                            PRIMARY

                      FlowEngines                                             PRIMARY

                      FlowStats                                               PRIMARY

                      InterfaceCustomPollerJobs                               PRIMARY

                      InterfaceErrors_Daily                                   PRIMARY

                      ... etc

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                          No.  Most of the tables should still live in the PRIMARY filegroup.  Only the large sized NTA tables have been moved off into these new filegroups.  The tables listed here are in their proper filegroups.


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                              thanks David.  I think I have what I need for our DBAs. the changes made to netflow from 3.x to 3.1-SP1 has really improved reliability and performance of both Orion and it's Netflow analyzer.


                              thanks, again.



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                                  I have a question about these new filegroups.  I have uninstalled netflow, and either deleted or truncated all of the netflow-related tables.  However, the FG1 and FG3.mdf files are still huge and I need to get rid of that data.  I was told by SW not to mess with the new filegroups, just to delete/truncate the netflow-related tables.  How can I reclaim the space?  I am assuming that only netflow data is in these FG#.mdf file groups.  Thanks.


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                                      If you have deleted the data from the tables contained within those filegroups, then performing a shrink on those filegroups should reclaim the space.  You can do this from Management Studio, by right clicking on the database then Tasks\Shrink\Files.  This brings up the "Shrink File" dialog.  Then in the Filegroup combobox, select the filegroup to shrink and hit Ok.


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                                Personally, I 'm a little confused by this response. Can NetFlow data be stored in a database that is physically separate from the Orion database, or must it still be installed in the same physical location?

                                Are you actually talking about the ability to install the FGs on independent disks of a RAID array as long as the array is the one that Orion is on?

                                Finally, does you answer apply to 3.1 and 3.5?

                                Thanks you for clarifying this, because that documentation is indeed extremely deficient in this area.

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                                    NetFlow data still (including 3.5) is in the same database as Orion, but because it now lives in different FGs, can be stored on other disks.  There is no SQL Server requirement that FGs must live on the same RAID array.  Now, keep in mind that this technique is an advanced database topic and the ability is not provided within the Orion or NetFlow user interfaces.  It would be best for a database administrator to move these filegroups to separate locations, if that is what you desire.