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    Health Check for NPM


      Is there some way we could get a "health check" of our Orion NPM setup to ensure we've got polling set up correctly and/or optimally?  At least one of our other vendors provides this service and it really promotes good customer relations.  ;-)



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          Hi Swack,

          Thanks for the post.  I can understand the value of having experts confirm that you are running optimally.  In the context of an NMS like Orion, 'optimal' is going to depend on many factors, and the definition is bound to change from deployment to deployment.

          There are several ways you can perform a bit of a 'self-exam' on your deployment.

          For starters we have a great article on polling intervals by our head geek Josh Stephens:

          Understanding SNMP Polling and Counters

          Next, you can see stats on your current polling processes by checking out your "NPM Engine Status".  Go to Orion System Manager, File, Polling Status.  Adjusting your intervals according to your needs and priorities will affect those values.

          Also, remember you can point Orion at Orion, especially when combined with APM (which includes an Orion monitoring template).  You can effectively monitor and adjust your underlying hardware capabilities based on what you deem appropriate for your network.  It may seem obvious, but I do speak with clients who inadvertently are monitoring everything BUT the Orion server itself.

          I know it's not the same as an on-site checkup, but I hope that helps!