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    TFTP Access Error


      I just downloaded your TFTP Server and installed it on an XP Prof. computer. I'm trying to flash a VoIP Gateway and everytime I try to connect I keep recieving the error: "Transmission failed. Access to path ... is denied."

      I don't have the firewall turned on and I've given "everyone" and "anonymous access" full control on the TFTP-Root folder and all folders below that.

      What did I miss?

        • Re: TFTP Access Error

          Check the account the TFTP Service is running as and change it to the administrator account on that machine and restart the service see if that works.

          Alternativly, place the files in the root of the TFTP directory and not in a sub directory if they aren't already.

          As a last ditch effort, use the tftp client that comes with Windows XP/Vista and try downloading the file using that. The syntax for that would be -

          c:\tftp -i <hostname> GET /<filename.ext>