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    Device up, but IPM server pings timeout...

      We seem to have a ghost in our IPM machine and we're trying to figure out what might be the problem. Quite often, we will get alerts about something being down, but then when the device is back up, it takes a very long time for IPM to report that it is back up.

      What will happen is that we can ping the device from any other machine on the network, except the IPM server. On that server, a ping from the command prompt even times out, while pings are replying fine to another machine.

      Today I decided to stop the IPM service while this was happening, and pings resumed. Once I started the IPM service again things look fine.

      Is there a possibility that IPM is flooding the NIC on this machine maybe so much that it drops pings even when it shouldn't? Or is the IPM log maybe capable of showing us any insight?

      When the problem is in play, the machine itself even drops pings to that one device though, so I'm not sure where to go next.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Two things come to mind that could cause this:


          1. The system might be running out of ephemereal ports


          Next time this occurs, run the following command on the ipMonitor system and see how many connections are currently established:


          netstat /an


          Also try a tracert against the remote system to see if pings are even leaving the ipMonitor system.


          2. There is too much traffic, which is causing UDP packets to be dropped.


          Are any of the SNMP based Monitors failing within ipMonitor, or is it only Pings?


          Let me know.


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