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    Issues with Adding New nodes to Netflow Traffice Analyser

      Hi all,

      Does any one have an idea on the reason a node which fomerly appears on NPM as unknown during an initial network discovery  can nolonger be added ?


      When the node was categorized as unknown, I deleted it from the database and configured SNMP properly, making sure the community string name is correct and has the correct access rights.

      Another attempt to add this same node using its IP address was not successful. This attempt was made several times and they all failed.This is the same when done with the computer name.

      Yet if another network discovery session is performed, the same workstation appears on the unknown category.

      My questions are:

      1. Could there be issues with the ports used by SNMP TRAP SERVICE AND SNMP i.e 162 and 161?
      2. Could this  be a DNS issue?
      3. Could it be any other flaw

      Please say.

      Thank you