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    Build a spezific Map for NPM


      i have a spezific problem with building a map. My Company have in Country A, Facortys in three different Citys. Every City have more than 40 Network Nodes an Servers. In Country B we having one Factory. My Problem. I'll building a two Layer MAP. On the first Layer i'll see the earth card. With one "LAMP" on Country A and Country B. This LAMP should lightning GREEN when each Node  at the hole Country ( includes all Citiy's ) are GREEN. If each Node in the Country switch to another Colour, the LAMP on the first Layer should change the colour.  And then, if everyone click to the LAMP , on the second Layer i'll see the spezfic earth card from the Country with each different Nodes. I hope everyone understand my Problem :-D !


      I'll bundle all Nodes about each country to one LAMP on the first Layer. Ore i'm happy  for each other ideas if it's not possible to bundle the nodes.


      Thanks a lot