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    Reports and date ranges

      How can I specify a date range outside of the preset date range in Report Writer?  I am being asked to give the ability to specify a range of dates against any report available under Reports in Orion.

      I thought to myself, that should be easy enough, but it's not there???

      Am I missing something obvious about reporting capabilities within Solarwinds?


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          Which report are you trying to edit?  Have you opened the existing report and in the report designer view, you can select the "Time Frame" tab and select the third radio button for start and end date.

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              Any publsihed report in Orion.  I'll play around with waht you have suggested.

              But I would rather not have to open report writer designer view and modify a report just to change the date range that I want to run the report against, which I think is what you are saying to do.  That would mean that every time my manager wants to run a published report from orion with a specified date range other than what is presented that I would have modify the report he wants in report writer every time.

              What is the roadmap for reporting ion Orion and future releases?  Everything I see on thwack from customers indicate a LOT of room/desire/need for improvement, including what I am trying to do here.

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                  You can take the default report, say last 30 days, edit it to say last 90 or 180 days and save it as a new report.  Then your manager has access to the same report for last 30, 90 and 180 days without the need of intervention by you

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                      I think this is the same response as the first?

                      So is the answer "no" to the question of "does Orion have the ability to set a date range from the Orion web published reports?".

                      If it is "no", then is it roadmapped? 

                      Denny?  Others?  Am I alone on the lack of capability of reporting in orion?  And what about graph based reports?

                      Has anyone "engineered" a work around for reporting that they would be willing to share?  Do I have to use crystal reports?

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                          No, you cannot do report editing on the web, it must be done with the report writer application.  I am not aware of any workarounds at this time.  

                          The funtionality you are asking for is not in the next release, but I have it documented for consideration for a future release.

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                              I too have this same issue.

                              My boss is requesting the ability to specify the date range either via a drop down on the web or a custom filled in fields.

                              Basically what i am after is the same as when you click a chart on the node details page and you are asked to specify the date range by drop down or fill in the custom.

                              This would be a great option to have for report writer.