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    Orion NPM - How does DB maintenance work?


      I have a question of general understanding:

      Which tables are cleaned up by the DB maintenace? And how do the 4 sliders (Detailed statistics, hourly statistics, daily statistics and network events) in the NPM settings dialog effect the maintenance?

      Why do I ask?

      I am with an IT company in Germany, which provides IT services for public transport. To monitor our systems (mostly Windows Server and Cisco Network Equipment), we use SolarWinds Orion at each customer. Since it is an active, sometimes heavy used tool, we cannot upgrade or patch the system like we would wish.

      At one of these customers we have SolarWinds NPM 8.51 with an SQL 2005 Express running. But it seems, that the Traps and TrapVarbind tables get NOT cleaned by the maintenance. Since the cleanup works for other projects, I would like to know which slider in the settings dialog sets the timespan for traps to keep. Or is it possible to set the timespan for keeping traps and / or syslog messages somehow seperately?